Communication disorders often co-occur in individuals with mental health issues, with some people experiencing mental health problems related to pre-existing communication conditions (e.g. they feel depressed or anxious about their communication difficulties).

Communication and/or swallowing difficulties can also be part of a person's mental health disorder (e.g. disordered speech and language can be features of schizophrenia, and swallowing difficulties as part of dementia).

Swallowing disorders in mental health often occur as a side effect of medication or as a result of substance abuse or acquired brain injury.



Services at Macquarie Hospital aim to target both communication and swallowing disorders of inpatients.

Consultation can be provided to other clinicians within NSLHD.


All inpatient's of Macquarie Hospital are eligible for this service.

Urgent cases

Urgent cases should be referred to Speech Pathology on 02 9887 5496.

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