Northern Beaches Speech Pathology Service provides assessment and treatment of children with communication and/or swallowing difficulties who reside in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area.

The Paediatric Speech Pathologists assess and treat children from birth until school entry age with difficulties communicating or feeding. 

Common communication difficulties include:

  • Speech sound disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulties with language understanding or expression
  • Childhood apraxia of speech (a motor speech disorder causing difficulty in saying sounds, syllables, and words)
  • Voice difficulties

We also provide an assessment-only service to children from school entry to 18 years of age.

We provide services in our clinics at:

  • Dalwood Child & Family Health Services Building
  • Mona Vale Community Health Centre.

Home visits can be provided for babies and infants with feeding difficulties.



Must reside in the Northern Beaches LGA and hold a valid Medicare Card.


Referrals received via letter, phone contact, self-referral or medical referral.

To refer please call and leave a message on the Central Intake Line
02 9951 0299.

Please be advised that it may take several days for a Speech Pathologist to return your call in peak periods.

Urgent cases

Urgent cases will be discussed during the speech pathology intake process.

Other Information

In addition to the services described above the Speech Pathology Department provides a number of Speciality Services:

Lidcombe Program for Early Stuttering

Paediatric Speech Pathologists assess and monitor children who are stuttering and commence therapy using the Lidcombe Program when appropriate. A maximum of 24 sessions are offered for this therapy approach where the speech pathologist teaches and supports the parents/carers who conduct therapy at home.

The Lidcombe Program is a behavioural treatment for young children who stutter. The program takes its name from the suburb of Sydney where the Australian Stuttering Research Centre is located, at The University of Sydney. Independently replicated clinical trials show that the Lidcombe program is an effective treatment program to treat stuttering in children.

Paediatric feeding assessment and intervention

The Northern Beaches Paediatric Speech Pathology team aim to provide appropriate and timely management of children with feeding problems. Management includes hospital and clinic based assessment ( Mona Vale Hospital), home visits (as appropriate), telephone consultation and liaison with other professionals involved.  Children with feeding difficulties can be referred as an inpatient or as an outpatient. Multidisciplinary assessments are available if required.

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Dalwood Child & Family Health Centre 
Location: Speech Pathology Department, 21 Dalwood Avenue, Seaforth, NSW 2092.

Postal: As above.


Mona Vale Hospital
Location: Speech Pathology Department, Mona Vale Community Health Centre, Coronation Street, Mona Vale, 2103.

Postal: Speech Pathology Department, Mona Vale Community Health Centre, PO Box 81, MONA VALE NSW 1660
How to find us: Your Speech Pathologist will provide instructions and a map if necessary to direct you to the Speech Pathology Service location upon contact with our service.

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Monday - Friday
8am – 4:30pm

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For enquiries and referrals please call and leave a message on the Central Intake Line: 02 9951 0299