Sydney Diabetes Education Centre supports the management of newly diagnosed or pre-existing diagnosis of Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes, or hyperglycaemia resulting from medication, surgical and/or medical procedures, infections, or other clinical events, both within the in-patient and out-patient clinical settings, requiring either individual and/or group education.

Group education services include: DAFNE (Diabetes Adjustment for Normal Eating); CHOICE (carbohydrate-counting); T2DM new diagnosis and review; Insulin Pump Therapy (new starts, review, upgrades and pump enquiry); Gestational Diabetes; Mindfulness.

Individual services are provided by a diabetes nurse educator, dietitian and/or psychologist as specifically needed or as a multidisciplinary team approach with the Endocrinologist/Specialist and/or Primary Care Physician, for Young Adults/Transition and adults requiring initial assessment and review of their diabetes management plan.



  • T1DM: All persons with newly diagnosed and pre-existing T1DM requiring education and/or support with their diabetes management.  
  • T2DM: All persons with newly diagnosed T2DM requiring education and/or support with dietary management and/or oral therapies and/or incretin therapy and/or insulin to support their diabetes management.

  • GDM: All women with gestational diabetes requiring education and/or insulin therapy or as directed by their primary care physician, endocrinologist, specialist and/or midwife.

  • Any other individuals with documented hyperglycaemia-related events requiring education on blood glucose monitoring and/or prescribed therapy to manage hyperglycaemia.


Referrals for diabetes education will only be accepted if the individual requiring education has a primary care physician and/or endocrinologist and/or specialist, as recommendations for therapy and the diabetes care plan made by the diabetes nurse educator/dietitian/psychologist will be communicated to the consulting physician as discussed with the individual during the diabetes education appointment.

By phone: 02 9463 1677, with a physician referral to follow via fax or mail.

By fax: 02 9363 1045, please include diagnostic serum lab results if new diagnosis.

Urgent cases

Urgent cases require assessment first by a physician who makes a diagnosis of diabetes and/or determines that crisis is warranting an urgent referral for diabetes education, and referrals must  include the prescribed therapy requisite for the urgent referral (management of hyper- and/or hypoglycaemia), in order for an individual to be seen urgently for diabetes education.

If out-patient urgent referral, contact by phone: 02 9463 1677, Monday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, and state explicitly that the referral is urgent.

For in-patient urgent referrals, contact the intake diabetes nurse educator by calling the Royal North Shore Hospital switch 02 9926 7111.

Contact the Endocrinologist on-call if outside of open hours.

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Department of Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism
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