About the TIA Clinic

The TIA Clinic provides rapid access to a full range of diagnostic studies and treatment for patients with a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) or minor stroke as an alternative to admission for eligible patients. The TIA clinic provides all diagnostic tests to deliver a complete treatment plan in one visit. The clinic is a comprehensive five-to-six-hour visit as an alternative to a three-to-four day inpatient admission. All eligible patients will receive a clinical assessment, stroke protocol MRI of the brain, doppler ultrasound, trans thoracic echocardiogram, holter ECG and fasting bloods.

The TIA clinic works in collaboration with the Department of Cardiology, especially the cardiovascular ultrasound lab. The clinic offers comprehensive assessment and treatment of vascular risk factors in collaboration with the Department of Endocrinology, the hypertension clinic and the nutrition clinic.

The goal of the clinic is to provide the best possible stroke prevention therapy and to minimise vascular risk factors. 


Preference is given to patients presenting with a suspected TIA to the Emergency Department of Royal North Shore Hospital and who are safe to be referred to the TIA clinic. Referrals from other LHD hospitals/GPs will be considered and triaged appropriately.


Referral from the RNSH Emergency Department must be made on the day of first presentation to facilitate timely access to the clinic.

Referrals from other LHD hospitals and GPs must be received on the day of presentation for consideration and to facilitate timely access to the clinic if eligible.

The patient will receive a patient information brochure for the TIA clinic from the Emergency Department.

Urgent cases

The TIA clinic only accepts urgent referrals.


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TIA Clinic,
Check-in D, Ambulatory Care Centre,
Royal North Shore Hospital,
Reserve Road, St Leonards

Finding Us:
The TIA Clinic is located in the Ambulatory Care Centre via Level 3 (Main Entrance level) of Royal North Shore Hospital. Please present yourself at Check-in D.

Postal Address:
TIA Clinic
Department of Neurology
Clinical Admin 3E
Royal North Shore Hospital
Reserve Road
St Leonards, NSW 2065

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Tuesday and Friday

9:00 am - 12:30 pm

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‚ÄčClinic number:
02 9463 1733

Fax for Referrals:
02 9463 1071