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Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit - Mona Vale Hospital

Ground Floor via Gate 1,

Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit,

18 Coronation Street,

Mona Vale


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Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit - Mona Vale Hospital

Contact us

General enquiries: (02) 9998 6300


Opening hours

 What we do

We provide assessment and rehabilitation of orthopaedic injury or surgeries (fractures, joint replacement), 
Medical illness or surgery.

We also provide:

  • Assesment of geriatric evaluation management
  • Reconditioning after long hospital admission

Out patient clinics include

  • Memory & cognition clinic
  • Hospital follow up from ARU/BRU admission
  • Rehabilitation clinic
  • Geriatric clinic
  • Amputee clinic

 What to bring

  • Images / scans
  • Blood results
  • Test results
  • List of current medications
  • Referral

 When to visit us

Referrals via medical team at referral hospital.

Outpatient clinics referral need to be sent and assessed by rehabilitation team

 How to visit us


Free parking is available at Mona Vale Hospital for all visitors and staff within the designated car parks on the hospital grounds. There is two-hour street parking also available surrounding the hospital grounds.

For access to the beachside rehabilitation unit, hydrotherapy pool, loading dock and support services please enter the hospital car park via gate 1.

For access to the Urgent Care Centre please access the hospital car park via gate 2.

For access to the Mona Vale community health building please access the hospital car park via gate 3.

 Referral information

  • GP referral
  • Medical referral

 Other information

Can transport be organised for people to attend?

Mona Vale Hospital well help arrange inter hospital transfers.

If you are being admitted to the ward from home then we strongly urge you to arrange your own transport.

For outpatents appointments, it is up to the individual to arrange own transport.

Is there a cost to patients to attend the clinic?

Outpatient clinics are bulk billed through Medicare.

Patients who are being amitted to the hospital can either be admitted as private or public patients

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