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Neuropsychology - Mona Vale

Ground Floor

Beachside Rehabilitation Unit

18 Corontation Street

Mona Vale


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Neuropsychology - Mona Vale

Contact us

General enquires: (02) 9998 6176

Fax: (02) 9998 6027

Email: [email protected]


Opening hours

Mon: 8:00 - 16:00

Tues: 8:00 - 16:00

Thur: 8:00 - 16:00



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 What we do

We provide treatment for adults with known or suspected cognitive impairment.

We are trained to understand the cognitive, emotional and behavioural effects of a wide range of brain conditions including:
- Developmental
- Degenerative
- Demyelinating
- Infectious
- Vascular
- Immunological
- Inflammatory
- Nutritional
- Endocrine
- Metabolic
- Drug/alcohol
- Toxic poisoning
- Epileptic
- Psychiatric
- Traumatic

 What to bring

Images / scans       
Test results   
List of current medications


 When to visit us

Services include neuropsychological assessment, consultation, cognitive rehabilitation and behaviour support.

Appropriate referrals include:
- Cognitive baseline for discharge planning
- Characterisation of cognitive strengths and weaknesses (and severity of impairments) post injury/illness
- Behaviour management and cognitive rehabilitation/compensatory strategies
- Education to patient and family regarding cognitive and behaviour changes
- Repeat assessment to monitor recovery or progression of deterioration
- Decision-making capacity

Please be aware that patients who are from a Non-English speaking background will require an interpreter to be present for the assessment in order for it to be valid.

Referrals are not appropriate if:
- The patient is medically unwell
- The patient's cognitive state is not stable (e.g., known delirium, florid psychosis, acute alcohol withdrawal etc.)
- The patient has a known diagnosis of dementia which is fairly advanced
- The patient does not have a reliable yes/no response or is unable to comprehend and respond to one-step commands

Referrers should note that some presentations are influenced by medical complications which may improve with treatment and re-referral may be appropriate when the patient is more medically recovered.


 How to visit us

Free parking is available at Mona Vale Hospital for all visitors and staff within the designated car parks on the hospital grounds. There is two-hour street parking also available surrounding the hospital grounds.

 Referral information

Allied health referral
Medical referral

 Other information