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Stroke Service - Ryde Hospital

Ward 8
Level 3
Trigg House

Denistone Rd, Ryde



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Stroke Service - Ryde Hospital

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General enquiries: (02) 9858 7888 and ask to page the stroke coordinator


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 What we do

What we do:
• We treat and care for people who have had a stroke.
• We talk to other disciplines such as physiotherapist, occupational therapist and patients to make sure we plan early to address any challenges with the care.
• We get involved in recognising and organising rehabilitation program.
• We organise carer’s support for the family and carers.
• We work alongside the patients to help alleviate any concerns and provide optimal support.
• We identify the needs that may arise at the time of discharge and work alongside others such as social worker, speech pathologist etc. to help resolve any issues.
• We provide information about the risk factors and support services after discharge.

The service is available for-
• This service is offered to current in-patients with stroke.
• All patients present to emergency department with stroke or transient ischaemic attach (TIA) symptoms.
• All patients admitted to ward eight with stroke or TIA.
• All patients transferred to Royal North Shore Hospital from Ryde emergency department that are identified as having stroke and require urgent stroke management.
• All inpatient (people who have had stroke while admitted in the hospital) at Ryde Hospital.
• All patients admitted to ward eight from RNSH after the initial stroke treatment.

 What to bring

 When to visit us

 How to visit us

Ryde Hospital provides 350 free car parking spaces spread across six car parks.

The main carpark comprises both covered and open air parking spaces via Denistone Road.

The other large capark is a covered carpark in the basement of the Graythwaite Rehabilitation Centre via Fourth Avenue.

There is a patient drop off zone outside the emergency department.

 Referral information

We only accept current inpatient referrals by multidisciplinary health professionals.

 Other information