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​B​​ooks and Further Reading


Hearing Voices 

Living With Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery by Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, Jacqui Dillon, Dr Dirk Corstens & Prof. Mervyn Morris.

This book looks outside the illness model and explores the many different experiences of recovery from voice hearers themselves.

Working with Voices II: Victim to Victor by Ron Coleman and Mike Smith.

A book designed to be used as a personal self-help book and alongside voice hearing groups.

Psychosis as a Personal Crisis: An Experienced-Based Approach by Marius Romme.

A book that focuses on the personal experience of psychosis and challenges the stigma by seeking to change the way people who hear voices are viewed and treated.


​Overcoming Distressing Voices. A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques byChevron Mark Hayward External LinkChevronClara Strauss,External Link, ChevronDavid G. Kingdon External Link

Practical strategies for managing distressing voice hearing experiences.


Listening to the Silences: In a World of Hearing Voices by Roy Vincent.

Part autobiography, part self-help guide, in this book Roy shares his lived experience of living with voices.


The Voice Inside

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A practical guide to coping with hearing voices by Paul Baker.


Strategies for Coping with Distressing Voices by Richmond Wellbeing and Hearing Voices Network WA.

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A list of strategies for coping with distressing voices.


Self-help guide to talking with voices by Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer

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Ideas for people who hear voices and are interested in learning how to engage with them.