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Meet Chris! (he/him)


alternate text 47Chris is 19 years old and lives at home with his mum, dad and younger brother Brody. He and Brody grew up playing computer games together, and spent every afternoon begging their mum to give them more gaming time!

Chris experienced bul​lying and because of this dreaded going to school. He would often spend his lunchtimes in the library where he felt safe. He was particularly drawn to computer games as they were a nice escape from what was happening in his school life.

Chris began hearing voices in his final year of high school. In the beginning the voices just commented on his actions, but when they started insulting him this became problematic. The voices were so distracting, he could not focus on his studies or even gaming. Some of the voices mimicked his bullies which really started to affect his self-esteem. Chris decided to see a psychiatrist as he wanted to create some space from the voices to be able focus on his studies again and get back to doing what he loved, gaming. The psychiatrist prescribed some medication which he finds helpful, particularly during times of increased stress.

After Chris finished high school, he decided he wanted to take his passion for gaming and make a career out of it. He enrolled in a Bachelor of Information Technology at University, majoring in game development.  When the voices interrupt him at university he uses strategies such as taking notes, asking questions and using fidget tools to help him stay focused in class.

Chris feels fortunate to hear one positive voice which sounds like his beloved grandmother, Eileen, who passed when he was younger. Her voice is calming and protective, and often offers helpful advice when he needs it, so he doesn't mind when she comes to say hi.

Chris has found that exploring his strengths and values has been helpful in reclaiming his identity and navigating his recovery journey. He can't wait to graduate university and pursue a career in gaming; he is feeling confident about his future now that he is more comfortable living alongside the voices.