NSLHD staff work continuously to improve the experience and outcomes of patients and staff. Below are some examples of the innovative work being completed and supported in the district. Other innovative projects from around NSW are displayed on the ACI Innovation Exchange.

If you have an innovative project that you would like to showcase, please email [email protected].

Developed by Noman Masood from the Northern Beaches pharmacy department the eASY app is an internationally downloaded antibiotic decision tool to help medical professional s provide smarter patient care.

Noman worked closely with a team of professionals to develop his idea of a clinical resource to help medical professionals use the correct antibiotic.

The app is a point to care decision support tool related to the practical aspects of antibiotic management. The app. allows medical professionals (pharmacists and prescribing professionals) to determine the most appropriate antibiotic to use at the point of patient care.

The app is now available on itunes for apple and android users and is an amazing success. Well done Noman and the team!

LINK to app

If you have any questions about the eASY please contact Noman Massod.

Photo: Noman Masood (Director of Pharmacy)

The Child, Youth and Family Network has partnered with other paediatric hospitals to create the Children's Ward Phone App.

The app provides information for Royal North Shore, Mona Vale and Hornsby Hospital paediatric units. The app is designed for families (and staff) to access. It is available for Android and iPhone (search Hospital Information Hi).

It's an easy-to-navigate guide to children's ward locations, parking and visiting, and also gives you useful information about childhood illnesses.

If you have any questions please contact: Catherine Jones

Nadia is a specialist geriatric CNC who realised there was a need to increase patient trigging from nursing homes and elderly care facilities. Nadia was able to work with the Hornsby A& E department, Ambulance NSW and the residential care homes to establish the GRACE program which includes the use of a mobile phone application. The whole process took Nadia and the team approximately 2 years to complete. The app. allows Nadia to be notified when a residential aged care facility has a patient needing treatment, she is then able to intervene.

The GRACE program has been profiled on ACI's innovation website LINK .

If you would like further information about the program or the app. please contact Nadia Yazdani directly.

Photo left to right: Michelle Shiel (NSW Ambulance) and Nadia Yazdani (Grace CNC).

A team of clinicians led by Ramiro worked with mangers over a 3 year period to turn a dream into a reality. The mental health centre, had always wanted a garden where patients could utilise functional skills and allow a safe place outside of the ward.

The garden was completed in November 2015 with a very generous donation from a family associated with CYMHS and support from Bunning's, who generously donated materials, equipment, man power and garden services to support the development. The garden is now maintained by patients and staff of the Mental Health Centre.

If you have any questions about the garden please contact Ramiro Torres.

Photo left to right: Ramiro Torres (Occupational Therapist) and Kirs Taylor (CAMHS NUM).

The 'Building Bridges & Pathways' project has achieved some positive outcomes over the past few months, with improved pathways for young people moving between services and good communication and sharing of information between clinicians.

Building Bridges & Pathways involves six mental health services working together to improve communication and referral pathways for 18-25 year olds in Northern Sydney Local Health District. The aim was to ensure young people receive the care they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Prior to the project, there were no formal processes for collaboration between Headspace, NSLHD and community mental health services. Each used their own medical records and databases. The lack of communication and knowledge sharing between services resulted in duplication of assessments and significant delays for young people.

Building Bridges in 2016 was able to achieve increased clinical education and use of appropriate standardised assessment tools. It was able to achieve increased communication and appropriate use of formal channels of referrals. 97% of young people surveyed in October 2016 were satisfied with the communication and information sharing undertaken by participating services.

Building Bridges aims to continue to learn from the project and are continually working with staff and patients to improve services. The evaluation of the project will continue until June 2017.

The project is listed on the ACI Innovation exchange .

If you have any questions please contact Beverly Moss.

Photo from left to right: Yooni Choi (NSREIS), Bev Moss (EP Consultant MHDA), Cathy Walker (EPIS), Dominica Andersen (BEIC), Meg Lovett (MDECC), and Rheza Tan (headspace Chatswood & Brookvale).