Royal North Shore Hospital has celebrated the launch of the highly anticipated Acute Surgical Unit (ASU). 


The ASU is a consultant led​ model of care for emergency gastrointestinal surgical patients.

In recognition of the emergency workload there is a senior resident medial officer, a clinical nurse consultant and additional surgical fellows supporting the consultant surgeons to provide timely responses to gastrointestinal surgery patients across the hospital, including the emergency

There is also additional operating theatre dedicated for ASU patients every afternoon, which will increase the capacity to operate on these emergency patients in-hours.

The focus of the service is on the patient, with evidenced based protocols, information brochures and improved consent processes.

The ASU team, under the guidance of heads of department and the Division of Surgery and Anaesthesia, has been working closely with many teams, including infectious disease for antibiotic prophylaxis and anaesthesia for pain protocols. There is also immediate patient evaluation and feedback with “recovery after surgery questionnaires”.

ASU Clinical Nurse Consultant Olivia Kirkland said she was happy to see the unit launch after a lot of hard work and support and thanked Chief​ Executive Deb Willcox for her support.

“A lot of work has gone into this initiative and we believe it will deliver efficient patient care and result in a more positive hospital experience for our patients,” she said.