"I have been privileged to be the district Falls Prevention Coordinator since 2006, based in health promotion. 

"There is one of 'me' in each Local Health District in NSW and we work together under the umbrella of the Clinical Excellence Commission's NSW Falls Program to reduce the risk of falls in our patients. 

"I have a background in occupational therapy which gives me a deep understanding of how falls can impact someone's life. 

"Just over one third of all patient incidents involve a fall (not just older persons) and in the community one in three people over 65 will have a fall each year. 

"Having a fall can have serious consequences, even death, so it's an important issue for our health service. It's April Falls Month across NSW and it's one of our annual major awareness raising events for falls prevention. 

"During April, our wonderful falls prevention champions wear bright orange t-shirts and contribute to displays to educate staff and our consumers about falls. 

"At a Local Health District level, falls prevention is not done by one person alone and I really enjoy working with all the dedicated staff and my Falls Prevention Committees, who contribute so much to ​​​​​​making our patients safer from falls both in hospital and in the community." 


​​​​​​​​​Margaret Armstrong, NSLHD Falls Prevention Coordinator