Teams from Manly and Mona Vale hospitals have been involved in patient transfer rehearsals as planning progresses for the October opening of Northern Beaches Hospital.

Health Care Relocations (HCR) – an international relocation team - will co-ordinate the transfer of patients from Manly on October 30 and from Mona Vale on October 31, and several rehearsals are being held to ensure the transition runs smoothly and safely.

Around 200 patients will be transferred over the two days, with about 120 from Manly and approximately 80 from Mona Vale.

This will be a large-scale, carefully planned operation, with patient safety as the priority.

HCR will work closely with the District and Healthscope in the lead up to the transition.

On the moving days, staff will prepare the patients for transfer before they are moved into an ambulance and transported to Northern Beaches Hospital.

Vehicles moving along the route will be supported by the local area police command and the Traffic Management Centre to make sure the route is kept clear.