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Training requirements

The RANZCP is the College that overviews Psychiatry Training in Australia and New Zealand.  Its main headquarters is in Melbourne with branches in each State.

The RANZCP Training program is a minimum five year program.  To enter you must have completed a medical degree or your AMC in Australia and at least one year internship, HETI however requires that you do one general years prior to entering training in NSW.

The first three years are called Basic Training.  It is during this time that you undergo the bulk of your Adult Psychiatry experiences, as well as mandatory 6-month rotations in each of Consultation Liaison and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

During these three years you are required to log a number of experiences, including observed interviews and case reports and attend a lecture program (this is through the NSW Institute of Psychiatry and is protected teaching time).  After passing your cases, a written and clinical examination you may commence your two years of Advanced Training which can be in any of the following areas:  General, Adult, Child, Old Age, Forensics, Consultation-Liaison, Psychotherapy, Addiction and Neuropsychiatry.

Contact for the College is:   Phone: 03 93526000


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