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What is the Improvement Hub?

​​​​​The Improvement Hub is the place to find information and resources to help you tackle any improvement project. 

These include:

  • Resources to help you apply for the Innovation Program
  • Description of various local improvement initiatives and projects at NSLHD
  • Research grant application details
  • News and events
  • Online courses and resources to help you build your skills in healthcare improvement.

​At NSLHD we have embedded continuous improvement into the work we do. Through the support of the NSW Health state pillars; Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) we are able to provide our staff with the skills to work towards continual transformation.

Don't get confused or overwhelmed with the different agencies and methods involved in this work. Most have adopted variations on the standard approaches of improvement science a good introductory video is here.

* Pages with this indication are only available from inside NSW Health network.

 Clinical Governance

Clinical governance enables all NSLHD staff to be accountable for the quality and safety of the health services delivered. One way to achieve this is for our staff to take part in quality improvement activities, to assess and improve our processes in the way we deliver health care to our patients and the community.

Local and district clinical governance units offer support, provide training, information and advice to all staff looking to start a quality improvement project. 

​Visit the NSLHD Quality and Improvement Intranet page for clinical governance contacts and further information.

 Wanting to know more about quality improvement? See below for links to useful videos explaining quality improvement and the six dimensions of healthcare quality.


 Clinical Re-design


Clinical redesign programs have been implementing clinical process improvements in NSW Health since 2005. Clinical redesign is primarily focused on improving clinical processes to enhance the patient journey. This is done by analysing what the current issues are, understanding how they impact the patient journey and then introducing better ways of providing care.



Clinical Re-design is led by the ACI. Visit their site for more information,


For more on the local Clinical Re-Design program please contact:

 Health pathways

Sydney North HealthPathways is a collaboration between Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) and the Northern Sydney PHN using the HealthPathways model developed in Canterbury, New Zealand.

HealthPathways is an online local health information portal. It is a resource intended to support General Practice, but could be used by hospital and primary care clinicians in the community. Information in the portal is peer reviewed and region specific.

HealthPathways supports:

  • ​​​​ Service navigation
  • ​​​​ Condition management
  • ​​​​ Referral to specialists when appropriatet
  • ​​​​ Access to reference materials
  • ​​​​ Access to patient educational resources

HealthPathways are developed and agreed by general practitioners, hospital clinicians, and a wide range of other health professionals involved in local patient care. HealthPathways is a collaboration between the Sydney North Primary Health Network (SNPHN) and the Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD).

HealthPathways is dynamic, with new HealthPathways constantly under development and existing HealthPathways regularly reviewed in light of changing evidence, technology, and local circumstances

If you would like more information on the HealthPathways Northern Sydney please visit the website or contact [email protected]

 Research and Kolling Institute

​If you are looking for information regards Northern Sydney Local Health Districts Research​ programs or specific information regards research grants, please click here​.