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Macquarie Hospital

Macquarie Hospital

Macquarie Hospital is a referral mental health facility for acute admissions and rehabilitation services. Macquarie Hospital provides an integrated mental health service that adapts and responds to the individual's strengths, needs and aspirations during their recovery. The mental health inpatient services are supported by a diverse range of rehabilitation programs providing a comprehensive range of options to complement and enhance the person centred programs offered in specialised rehabilitation units.
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Our services

 Non acute

Unit name Contact phone number Unit description
Bridgeview House 98875855 Bridgeview House is a rehabilitation unit working with consumers and their carers to promote better mental and physical health through the development of realistic consumer goals.
The Cottages 9887 5634 The Cottages provide domestic style accommodation for consumers with varying levels of independent living with an aim of empowering consumers to achieve their optimal level of functioning and supporting social inclusion. Consumers attend rehabilitation and vocational programmes (where appropriate) both on and off the campus.  
Figtree Unit 9887 5700  Figtree Unit is an integrated service providing respite and recovery for individuals with co-existing mental health issues and established patterns of harmful or dependent drug use (dual diagnosis).
Hamilton Hostel 9887 5521 Hamilton Hostel offers extended care for older mental health consumers who also have complex physical health needs and/or issues related to premature ageing.
Henley Unit 9887 5550 The Henley Unit provides a contained environment for consumers with co-existing mental health issues and established patterns of harmful or dependent drug use providing a first stage of a specific Drug & Alcohol treatment program.
Lavender House 9887 5826  Lavender House generally caters for older consumers who have been living with mental illness, often treatment resistant, for many years who may also require physical assistance with aspects of self-care.
Manning Unit 9887 5877 The Manning Unit provides a structured program for consumers with mental health condition who require assistance with basic living skills.  
Tarban House 9887 5885 Tarban House provides care for consumers who are longer stay and treatment resistant, and consumers who have a history of behavioural disturbance requiring a contained environment.


Unit Name Contact phone number Unit description
Parkview Unit 9887 5531 The Parkview Unit is an acute unit providing care for consumers in the acute phases of their mental health illness.
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Getting here

The Macquarie Hospital’s main entrance is on Wicks Road but the campus can also be accessed via Twin Coxs and Badajoz Roads

Macquarie Hospital can be accessed via the following bus routes that stop along Wicks, Coxs and Badajoz roads, 533, 286, 287, 288, 297, 506

The nearest train stations to the hospital are North Ryde and Macquarie Park (T1 North Shore, Northern and Western Line)

Macquarie Hospital is about a 25 minute walk from North Ryde and Macquarie Park train stations

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Our Amenities

Guest Wi-Fi

Wheelchair Access

Car parking

Parking is free across the campus


Bike racks are located outside the Wallace Wurth and Cameron Buildings

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Getting around

Macquarie Hospital
An printable copy of the Macquarie Hospital map can be downloaded here
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