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Visitor information


​Visitors are welcome in our mental health units. Friends and family are important in supporting recovery. It is always a good idea to phone the unit in advance of your visit to ensure it will be a good time for you to come as there are some times when the units are not open to visitors, such as during treatment times.

To speak to staff in the Mental Health Unit, you can call the general phone number of the hospital and ask to be put through to the specific unit you require.

Certain things aren’t allowed in the unit, in order to help keep everyone safe. These things are referred to as contraband, and include things like cigarette lighters and weapons. You should check with the unit to find out about contraband.

Visitor’s belongings may be searched prior to entry to the unit. You won’t be able to take things like handbags, backpacks or mobile phones into the unit; we will provide a secure space where you can store these.

Children are welcome to visit friends and relatives in the mental health unit. All units have a procedure and specific space allocated to support visits from children. It is very important to phone the mental health unit before bringing a child to visit someone in the unit, to ensure things are in place to support a positive and stress free visit.

All wards in NSW Health facilities are smoke free. Smokers will be supported in their drug withdrawal with appropriate clinical care and the provision of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy during their stay.

To arrange a visit please call: (02) 9887 5500