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The Neurology department at Royal North Shore Hospital is located in the Acute Services Building.

We provide expert services in the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders like stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurogenetic conditions, movement disorders like Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, vertigo (dizziness), neuromuscular disorders and neuropathies.

Around 1,500 neurology patients are admitted to RNSH each year, of which approximately 700 are stroke or transient ischaemic attack patients. Around 8,000 patients per year are seen in our outpatient clinics.

Our neurology ward (7F) has eight monitored Acute Stroke Unit beds, 21 neurology beds and nine neurology rehabilitation beds. Our multidisciplinary team of neurology nursing, allied health and rehab staff provide outstanding services to our patients and has received numerous awards.

Stroke reperfusion service is available for patients presenting with acute strokes. Our acute stroke service benchmarks far above the national average on all key performance indicators.

Subspecialty outpatient clinics are offered for patients with Movement Disorders like Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke/TIA, as well as Neuromuscular & Neurogenetic Disorders. The Neurophysiology Department provides a full diagnostic service including nerve conduction studies, evoked potentials and EEGs.

Our department also conducts research into Neurogenetics, Neuromuscular, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke with the aim of furthering our understanding and improving clinical practice.


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