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Patient information


Stroke is an emergency - If you think you are having  a stroke call 000


Information for Inpatients (Ward 7F)


The Neurology ward has 30 beds, 8 of which are our Acute Stroke Unit. We care for patients who have had an acute stroke or neurology condition.


Visiting hours


  • 10 am – 8 pm every day of the week


Phone enquiries


If your Next of Kin wishes to speak to a staff member, they need to ring between 8 am and 9 pm. Please bear in mind that we are a very busy ward and every effort will be made to answer your questions.
Phone number (02) 9463 2760

If your family or friends wish to speak to you on your bedside phone they will need to ring (02) 9016 0900 and then enter your 7 digit medical record number which is located on your name band.


Nursing staff


The Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) is in charge of the ward Monday to Friday. Nursing staff are allocated to care for you on a shift to shift basis. The shifts are:

  • Morning: 7.00am – 3.30pm
  • Afternoon: 1.30pm – 10.00pm
  • Night: 9.30pm – 7.30am

There is a "handover" period at the beginning of each shift. This is when the nursing staff on each shift has an information sharing talk to discuss progress or concerns that may have arisen.


Information for Outpatients


Things to bring to your appointment

  • Please bring your referral from your GP or other medical doctor.
  • Please bring any recent scans or pathology results that you have
  • Please bring a list of your current medications and supplements


How to find your way to the clinic

Present yourself at the clinic's designated desk at the Ambulatory Care Centre – you will receive details on which desk to go to in your letter confirming your appointment. If unsure, please ask at the Information Desk at the entrance to the hospital or the ACC.

You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area. We are always trying to see you in time but sometimes there might be waiting time. There are magazines to read available in the waiting area or maybe bring your own book.

Allergies – many of our patients are allergic why we ask you not to wear strong perfume or body lotion the day you visit the hospital. ​