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​Information​​ about the e-referral project

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What's happening next?

After another successful launch with 54 clinics on 26th June, another 40 clinics in the e-referral system across the district (see detailed services in the listed table below) will be available from 26th July with the aim to have all clinics available to refer electronically including Allied Health by the end of year.


How to use eReferrals?

HealthLink eReferrals (the same program as the Transport for NSW Fitness to Drive Assessment) are already embedded in compatible software like Best Practice, Medical Director (v3.16), Genie and Medtech Evolution. To use eReferrals, practices only need a FREE HealthLink subscription and HealthLink Smartforms activated. To organise, contact HealthLink on 1800 125 036 or .


Want more information?

Upcoming webinar announcement, guides and videos are available at:

For feedback and questions, please contact Dr Irene Chen on (02) 9463 1253 or at .


Services already accepting eReferrals Services accepting eReferrals from 28 June 2023 Services just became available from 26 July 2023
Hospital in the Home (HiTH) RNS Audiology (2 subspecialties) RNS Spinal Cord Injury (Tetraplegic hand service)
RNS Ears, Nose and Throat RNS Spinal Cord Injury (4 subspecialties) RNS Clinical Genetics
RNS Hand and Peripheral Nerve RNS Hepatology (4 subspecialties) PACH Intellectual Disability Health (Adult &Paediatric)
RNS Ophthalmology RNS Paediatrics (3 subspecialties) RNS Breast (3 subspecialties)
RNS Respiratory RNS Aged Care (4 subspecialties) RNS Haematology
RNS Vascular RNS Hepatology/Liver (4 subspecialties) RNS Burns
RNS Dermatology RNS Ortho Spinal Ryde Endocrinology (Diabetes)
RNS Gastroenterology PACH Sexual Health (3 subspecialties) Ryde Aged Care (Geriatric Medicine)
RNS Colorectal RNS Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Ryde Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation Medicine)
RNS Endocrinology RNS Endocrinology (Diabetes services added) Ryde Osteoporosis Re-fracture Prevention (ORP)
RNS Neurology RNS Neurology (14 subspecialities added) HKH Aged Care (5 subspecialities)
RNS Orthopaedics RNS Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) HKH Rehabilitation (2 subspecialities)
RNS Rheumatology RNS High Risk Foot / Podiatry HKH Spasticity
RNS Emergency Department RNS Osteoporosis Re-fracture Prevention (ORP) HKH Neurology (Parkinson)
RNS Urology RNS Brain Injury HKH Paediatrics (2 subspecialties)
RNS Plastics RNS Spasticity HKH Gynaecology (2 subspecialties)
RNS Gynaecology (5 subspecialties) Ryde Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) HKH Obstetrics (Maternal Care)
RNS Early Pregnancy Assessment Ryde High Risk Foot / Podiatry HKH High Risk Foot /Podiatry
RNS Maternity Care HKH Renal HKH Osteoporosis Re-fracture Prevention (ORP)
RNS Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit NSLHD Virtual Care (Long COVID) HKH Endocrinology (Diabetes)
RNS Immunology and Allergy   MV High Risk Foot (HRF) / Podiatry
RNS Renal   MV Endocrinology (2 subspecialities)
RNS Neurosurgery   MV Aged Care (3 subspecialities)
NSLHD FOBT+   MV Rehabilitation (2 subspecialities)
NSLHD Virtual Care (COVID)    ​