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Frequently asked questions

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 I am pregnant what do I need to do?

​When you find out you are pregnant you need to see your GP (general practitioners) to arrange the blood tests scans, and referrals you need, including a referral to your local hospital. Then call admissions to arrange your first “booking in” appointment.​

 I have private health insurance but want to birth at RNS/HKH

In the beginning of your pregnancy, you need to decide on your model of care. To use your private health insurance, you see a private obstetrician for your care, some doctors have admitting rights at RNS/HKH where you can birth at these hospitals. Coming through the public system as a public patient is covered by Medicare.

 When will my booking in appointment be and how long will it take?

​Most booking in visits take place between 12-14 weeks, unless you have a significant medical condition – such as type 1 diabetes or hyperemesis gravidarum, where you may be seen earlier. Please allow up to 2hours for this initial appointment.​

Labour​ and birth​​​​

 How many support people can I have with me in labour?

​It is usual to have one support person with you in labour, however if you wish to have additional support please speak to your midwife or doctor.

 Will I be tested for COVID in labour? What if I am positive?

Given the nature of the pandemic, the NSW Health guidelines for testing change often however, you may be asked to have a COVID PCR test on admission to birth unit. This is to keep everyone safe. If you or you support person’s result is positive your care will not change, you will be isolated and cared for by staff wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

 What do I need to bring to birth unit with me in labour?

​It is important that you bring your yellow card with you, and any other comfort items you may like. Meals are provided for you in labour however it is suggested that you bring a few snacks for you and your support person. Tea, coffee, juice, and water are always available. You can find more detailed informationExternal Linkhere.

 How long will I stay on Birth unit after having the baby?

​Most women stay 4-6 hours after a vaginal birth and 2-4 hours after a caesarean before transferring to the maternity ward. In some cases where you and your baby do not need any ongoing observation, you can discharge home from the birth unit, otherwise you will be transferred to the maternity ward.


 How long will I stay in hospital?

​After a vaginal birth you can expect to stay in hospital for 1-2 nights, and 2-3 nights after a caesarean. You will only be discharged when both you and your baby have been cleared by the medical team.

 ​Can I have a single room?

While we are fortunate in this health district to have many single rooms available on the postnatal ward, they cannot be guaranteed for everyone and are allocated based on clinical needs. Single rooms also cannot be pre-arranged, they are allocated at the time of transfer from birth unit.

 Can my partner stay with me?

​This depends on the room you are allocated which cannot be predicted or pre-arranged. If you are in a single room with fold out couch your partner can stay with you overnight if you wish. Linen is provided for your partner however meals are not. Often, it is a sensible idea for your partner to go home overnight to have a good rest so they can be a better support for you in the day. You will have a midwife allocated to you at all times, to help you and your baby.

 Will my baby stay in the room with me?

​Rooming in with your baby is important for bonding and establishing breastfeeding. There is no well-baby nursery at Hornsby or Royal North Shore. The midwives on the Maternity ward are there to support you with all aspects of caring for your baby.

 What are the visiting hours?

​Visiting hours differ between hospitals.
Royal North Shore Maternity: 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 8pm
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Maternity: 10am -12pm and 2pm – 8pm

 What happens when I go home?

​Midwifery in the Home (MITH) provides home visits to women who live within the hospital catchment area. If you live outside of the area, you will be referred to your local service. PDF iconSee more information here
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