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Mouth Pain


Forty to sixty percent of people undergoing chemotherapy experience mouth pain.

Speak with your medical team if you are experiencing pain on swallowing.

Watch our mouth pain video for tips on eating and drinking with mouth pain.

Key strategies to assist with mouth pain:

  • Tell your treating team if your mouth is sore.
  • Take your pain relief as prescribed by your treating team.
  • Try regular alcohol-free mouth wash.
  • Avoid foods or fluids that make your mouth sting for example orange juice, pineapple.
  • Avoid hard, crunchy and rough foods that can irritate your mouth.
  • Modify the texture of your meal to be softer (see below).

Who can help?

Speech pathologist

Strategies to help manage mouth and throat pain

Food Group Tips to make meal softer

Use extra butter or margarine or avocado

Soften in soups

Soak the bread in egg and milk and cook/fry


Cover cereal with additional milk to soften

Soak cereal overnight in milk, juice or yoghurt in the fridge

Meats, chicken, fish

Try slow cooked meat, flaky fish, or minced meat dishes e.g. Shepherd's pie

Add extra gravy or sauce

Try meat alternatives e.g. scrambled egg, baked beans, tofu, lentils

Biscuits Soften in warms drinks for example tea, hot chocolate
Acidic foods e.g. oranges, pineapple, strawberries, tomato

Try stewed fruit or ripe pear or banana

Add yoghurt

Add fruit to a smoothie made on preferred milk

Use a cream based sauce instead of tomato


Roast, mash or puree vegetables

Add a sauce for example cheese sauce

Add to soups or stews