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Colorectal Clinic - Royal North Shore Hospital

Ambulatory Care Centre (outpatient clinics)
Level 3 (main entry level)
Acute Services Building (main building)
Royal North Shore Hospital
Reserve Road

St Leonards


Colorectal Clinic - Royal North Shore Hospital

Contact Us
General enquiries: 9463 1400
Referrals phone: 9463 1400
Fax: 9463 1065

Monday: 1pm – 4pm
You will be booked into the most appropriate clinic for your condition.

 What we do

We provide treatment for:
●    Benign and malignant conditions of the colon, rectum and anus

Conditions treated
-    Benign proctology including anal fissures, fistula in-ano, haemorrhoids
-    Surgical conditions of the colon and rectum including both benign and malignant conditions, and colonic polyp removal and surveillance
-    General surgery including hernia surgery and pilonidal disease
-    Neuroendocrine small bowel and lower GI surgery

 What to bring

Relevant images/scans/blood test results (including CT, US or MRI scan of affected area)
●    Relevant test results (including previous related investigations, hearing tests, allergy tests, microbiology)
●    List of current medications and drug allergies
●    Your referral letter from your GP/Specialist
●    Previous operation reports if performed outside RNSH

 When to visit us

Your GP or non-GP specialist is always your first step in seeking treatment for any condition. You will be referred to our service if your treating doctor feels that your treatment requires the input of a coloreactal specialist. Once we receive the referral it will be reviewed by a doctor and you will be notified of the outcome and next steps. Please allow at least 4 weeks for this process to be undertaken. We see patients either face to face or via telehealth – our team will let you know what the best option is for you. 

Please note that phone calls from the hospital will appear as a blocked number. 

If you have a scheduled appointment you will receive a reminder text message.

 How to visit us

Exit off Pacific Highway and the M1 will take you to the hospital on Reserve Road in St Leonards

Bus Route 114 stops directly at the hospital

The hospital is close to St Leonards train station

The hospital is a 5 minute walk from St Leonards Station

Street and multi storey car parking are available on the Royal North Shore hospital campus. Fees apply, so please check signage. Concession parking rates are available for patients and carers. Click here for more details.

The Colorectal Clinic is located at Check in B. 


When you enter the hospital walk past the yellow lifts. The Ambulatory Care Centre will be on your right hand side between the orange and green lifts. Check in B can be found by turning right after you pass the enquiries desk. 

 Referral information

The clinical information provided in your referral will determine the triage category, which will affect the timeframe in which the patient is offered an appointment.
Category 1 – aim to be seen within 30 days of referral receipt
Category 2 – aim to be seen within 90 days of referral receipt
Category 3 – aim to be seen within 365 days of referral receipt


Indications for referral:-
Patients with:-
 Per rectal bleeding
 Positive FOBT
 Suspected or confirmed diagnosis of colorectal cancer
 Due colonoscopy surveillance for polyps
 Anorectal disorders: haemorrhoids, fistula-in-ano, fissure-in-ano, rectal prolapse, pruritus ani, etc.
 Diverticular disease (recent or recurrent diverticulitis) requiring further investigations and specialist opinion on management
 Inflammatory bowel disease requiring specialist colorectal opinion regarding surgical management
 Abdominal wall hernia
 Groin hernia
 Complications following colorectal surgery
 Second opinion

Acute severe bleeding, sepsis (diverticulitis, perianal), and bowel obstruction should be referred to the Emergency Department.
Patients where care is felt to be time-sensitive <4 weeks should be discussed with the on-call surgeon or fellow, this includes patients with a newly confirmed diagnosis of malignancy.


Information for referral:-
Please enclose relevant details (if available) to aid the triage process:-
 Family history of bowel cancer
 Recent blood tests
 Imaging report (ultrasound, CT, MRI)
 Rectal examination findings
 Colonoscopy results/reports
 Histology of previous polyps
 Relevant correspondence from other specialists (gastroenterology, previous surgeons, etc.)
 Medical comorbidities and regular medications including antiplatelet, anticoagulation

Exclusion criteria:-
 Patients with spinal cord injury – should be referred to the dedicated spinal clinic
 Patients with surgical conditions relating to upper gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, breast, malignant skin, and endocrine disorders should be referred to the respective surgeons.
 Functional disorders of the colon and rectum, as well as inflammatory bowel disease for medical management, should be referred to the gastroenterology department.


Out of NSLHD
 Reason must be stated explicitly
 Resident of another LHD that does not provide the clinical service

 Other information

Your team

Dr Justin Evans  
Dr Shahrir Kabir 
Dr Yasser Salama 
A/Prof Margaret Schnitzler 
Dr Rebecca Seton 

Dr  Chahaya Gauci
Dr Sarit  Badiani 

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