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Orthotics Clinic - Royal North Shore Hospital

Building 33 - Southern Campus

Royal North Shore Hopital

Reserve Rd

St Leonards


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Orthotics Clinic - Royal North Shore Hospital

Contact Us


General enquiries: (02) 9463 2303

Referrals phone: (02) 9463 2303

Fax number: (02) 9926 4066


Opening Hours


Monday: 07:30 - 16:00
Tuesday: 07:30 - 16:00
Wednesday: 07:30 - 16:00
Thursday: 07:30 - 16:00
Friday: 07:30 - 16:00

 What we do

An Orthotist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the design, fabrication, and fitting of orthoses. 

An orthosis is a device that is externally applied to a part of the body. It is designed to control, guide, limit, or immobilize an extremity, joint, or body segment for a therapeutic reason. This can be for the correction of body alignment, support of weak muscles, or the promotion of a more normal gait and function. Orthoses can also be used to relieve pain, aid in rehabilitation from fractures after the removal of a cast, or reduce the likelihood of certain types of injuries.

Orthotists work with patients who have a range of conditions, such as spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, stroke, and musculoskeletal issues resulting from sports injuries or aging. Their expertise combines knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and materials science to create customized solutions that enhance mobility, alleviate discomfort, and improve the overall quality of life for patients.

Referrers please note: The management of medical conditions necessitating the use of orthoses falls under the purview of the referring healthcare professional. Our Orthotics department's scope of responsibility encompasses prescription of specific orthoses and the measurement, fitting, and provision of education regarding the prescribed orthotic device. Additionally, we handle any necessary repairs and regular reviews of these devices. However, it is important to understand that the underlying medical condition for which the orthosis is prescribed remains under the management of the referring healthcare professional. Our department does not assume responsibility for the treatment or management of the condition itself.

There are several types of orthoses, each tailored to meet specific needs. These include:
•    Spinal Orthoses: Designed to support or correct issues related to the spine, such as scoliosis or spinal fractures.
•    Upper Limb Orthoses: Used for the arms, wrists, and hands, these can assist with movement, stabilize joints, or correct deformities.
•    Lower Limb Orthoses: Applied to the legs, knees, ankles, or feet, these can help with walking difficulties, stabilize gait, or support weakened limbs.
•    Foot Orthoses (Orthotic Insoles): These are inserted into shoes to correct foot alignment, redistribute pressure, or provide shock absorption.

 What to bring

•    Relevant images/scans (including CT or MRI scan of affected area) 
•    Relevant letters from specialists 
•    Your referral letter  
•    Most commonly used pair of shoes/footwear if attending for a lower limb issue. Bring multiple pairs if possible. 
•    If being cast for an Ankle Foot Orthosis or Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis, bringing shorts to wear may help with keeping clothing clean from plaster.

 When to visit us

We accept referrals from Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Practitioners, including GPs and private specialists. 

You will be referred to our service if your treating clinician feels that your treatment requires the input of an Orthotist. Once we receive the referral it will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified of the outcome and next steps. Please allow at least 1-4 weeks for this process to be undertaken unless the referral is urgent.  Referrals will be triaged based on clinical need, and as such wait times for less urgent requirements may be longer. 

Please note that phone calls from the hospital will appear as a blocked number. 

If you have a scheduled appointment you may receive a reminder text message.

 How to visit us

The hospital is located on Reserve Road in St Leonards. You can turn into Reserve Road from the Pacific Highway

Bus Route 114 stops directly at the hospital

The hospital is close to St Leonards train station

The hospital is a 5 minute walk from St Leonards Station

Street and multi storey car parking are available on the Royal North Shore hospital campus. Fees apply, so please check signage. Concession parking rates are available for patients and carers. Click here for more details.

The Orthotics Clinic is in Building 33, which is located on the east side of Reserve Rd, behind the Vanderfield building.

Building 33 can also be access via Herbert St, by entering through Eileen street, turning left once at the loading dock and going up the short ramp, through a boom gate and parking behind the Orthotics building directly. Parking must be booked for this spot with the department beforehand.

 Referral information

We provide care to inpatients at Royal North Shore Hospital.
The Orthotics Service accepts referrals from clinics and specialists working in the NSLHD, including medical, nursing and allied health professionals. 

We also accept referrals from GPs and private specialists. For privately referred patients a fee may be charged for materials/manufacture/other costs. 

Referrals from outside the NSLHD may not be accepted under some conditions:

Referrals may not be accepted if the referral is not appropriate for the receiving outpatient service or if alternative care is considered more appropriate. Reasons for a referral not being accepted include: 

•    referral is not clinically appropriate for the service, and the referral may be redirected to another more appropriate service.
•    incomplete referrals where further information is not received upon request.

•    service capacity limitations exist and an equivalent, appropriate, and timelier outpatient service that addresses the patient’s needs can be identified (eg a resident of another LHD who’s local orthotics service has a shorter wait list, or a paediatric patient who can be seen by a SCHN orthotist in a shorter timeframe.
Providing more information will aid the triage process and make it more likely that your patient will be seen in the most timely manner possible. 
Please submit referrals using the eReferral system through HealthLink, which can be accessed through most clinical software systems.
Alternatively, address letters to the Orthotics Department, building 33, at Royal North Shore, St Leonards, NSW. 
Fax: 02 9926 4066 
Referrals aimed to be triaged with 7 days. 
Telehealth services are available, please indicate on the referral if you feel this would be suitable for your patient’s appointment. However, as Orthoses are physical devices, almost all appointments will need to be in person.

 Other information

Is there a cost to patients to attend the clinic? 


There may be a cost associated with any medical/adaptive device, splint or orthosis.  

Patients referred from public clinics within the hospital are not charged for seeing one of our clinicians, however there may be a fee for material costs with some orthosis types. 

Patients referred from private sectors are considered a private patient and may be charged accordingly.  


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