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Concussion Clinic – Paediatric & Adult Royal North Shore Hospital

Level 3 - Clinic 5, Check in D, Ambulatory Care Centre.
Royal North Shore Hospital
Reserve Rd

St Leonards


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Concussion Clinic – Paediatric & Adult Royal North Shore Hospital


Contact us


General enquiries

Concussion Clinic mobile telephone: 0447 337 560 can be used for bookings and advice

Paediatrics: (02) 9463 2164

Adults: (02) 9463 1866

All GP referrals to:

Paediatric: Clinical Services Building

Level 7, Outpatient Department, Clinical Services Building, Royal 
North Shore Hospital, Westbourne St, St Leonards, 2065

Opening hours


Paediatrics: 8:00 to 12:00

Adults: 13:00 to 16:00


Morning: Paediatrics CSB, Level 7, Paediatric Outpatient Dept.

Afternoon: Adults ASB, Ambulatory Care Centre, Clinic 5 
Rooms 11 & 12

 What we do

The Concussion Clinic is a multidisciplinary team of professionals providing neurological and neuropsychological assessments for the patient whose concussion is taking longer than 10 days to recover. This clinic applies best practice and standardised approaches, facilitating optimal recovery, a positive return to school and sport, as well as prevention of long term health ramifications. The clinic sees school aged children and young adults with persistent concussion symptoms.


See our educational concussion video here


 What to bring

  • GP referral
  • List of current medications
  • Any test results related to this event
  • Medicare card

 When to visit us

Your local General Practitioner will be able to refer patients with significant ongoing concussion symptoms, lasting longer than 10 days. Each referral is assessed on its acuity and triaged accordingly. There can be a short wait but urgent patients will be seen in a timely manner.

 How to visit us

 Referral information

GP referral 

All GP referrals to:


Adults referral criteria:

  • Address: NSLHD resident
  • Diagnosis made: GP or ED
  • Age: Adults: <45 years old
  • Mechanism of concussion: Must be sports related injury
  • Symptoms: Symptoms lasting >10 day
  • Referral: GP referral
Paediatric referral criteria:
  • Address: NSLHD resident or boarder at a NSLHD schoo¥
  • Diagnosis made: GP or ED
  • Age: School aged <16 years old
  • Mechanism of concussion: Any mechanism
  • Symptoms: Symptoms lasting >10 day:
  • Referral: GP referral

 Other information

Is there a cost to attend the clinic?


There is no cost for patients to attend the clinic as long as you present a valid Medicare card. If you are from overseas and don t have a Medicare card you will be required to pay for your consultation.



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