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Speech Pathology (for adults) - Royal North Shore Hospital

Level 3 - Entry Level

ASB - Acute Service Buidling

Royal North Shore Hospital

Reserve Rd

St Leonards


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Speech Pathology (for adults) - Royal North Shore Hospital

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Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:30

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 What we do

We provide assessment, diaognosis, intervention and treatment for patients with communication, swallowing and voice disorders.


We care for and treat people with:
- Speech (articulation, stuttering, acquired or developmental neurological disorders, for example apraxia)
- Language (acquired or developmental difficulties with word knowledge, syntax, semantics, language processing, listening and the social aspects of communication). This also includes the comprehension and expression of spoken, written, non-verbal (signs symbols and gestures) modalities
- Cognitive communication (attention, memory, problem solving, executive functions)
- Oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal and upper oesophageal swallowing function (infant feeding, acquired dysphagia)
- Voice (abnormal quality or poor volume such as rough, breathy and strained) 
- Tracheostomy management, including facilitation of verbal speech with tracheostomy, swallowing with tracheostomy and decannulation pathways
- Augmentative and alternative communication ( picture or alphabet boards, voice output technology)
- Head and neck management, including surgical laryngectomy voice restoration and swallowing.

 What to bring

 When to visit us

All referrals should clearly state the reason for referrals including the current communication and swallowing status and any history of the signs and symtoms.

 How to visit us

 Referral information

  • Self referral   
  • GP referral
  • Nursing referral
  • Allied health referral
  • Medical referral

 Other information

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