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Attending a Telehealth appointment

How does Telehealth work?

NSW Health use two main platforms to deliver Telehealth: MyVirtualCare and PEXIP. These platforms are safe, secure and user-friendly. You can use everyday devices such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop to access healthcare virtually.


People often use both Telehealth and in-person appointments to meet their healthcare needs. Speak to your healthcare provider about the most suitable options for your care. Please note that Telehealth does not replace all in-person appointments. Where appropriate, you can choose how you wish to see your healthcare professional. This can change from appointment-to-appointment depending on your needs and the stage of your healthcare.


How to book an appointment?

Ask your local health service provider about whether Telehealth is right for your situation. If it is, your provider will be able to make the booking for you.  Interpreters can also be provided for Telehealth appointments.


Preparing for your Telehealth appointment

  • You will need either a smartphone, tablet, computer with a webcam and speaker enabled, and a ​stable internet connection.
  • Privacy – ensure you are in a quiet area, free from distractions and a private environment.
  • Test – you will be prompted by the videoconference platform to test your camera and sound.
  • Lighting – a space with good lighting is essential, avoid sitting in front of a window as the light will flood the camera and your clinician will be unable to see you.
  • Set your camera so it is at eye level and captures a close up view.
  • It is recommended to place your camera on a fixed support since you will have a better appointment if you don't have to hold your device.
  • Your health care provider will send you appointment details with a link to the videoconferencing platform as well as instructions on how to access. Resources are also provided here.


Attending your Telehealth appointment

Before your consult, your healthcare provider will send you the appointment details and instructions on how to access NSW Health online platforms. This usually happens via letter, email or text message.


Before you join your appointment, you will be prompted to test your camera. You can use the self-view feature when you log into the platform. Take notice of what you can see and rearrange furniture in your background if required. You can have your appointment in any quiet and private environment suitable for you. Be aware of loud noises that might negatively impact your consult.


On the appointment day, if you have already tested your connection and your equipment, you will only need to connect five minutes prior to your appointment time. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call the service to cancel and reschedule your appointment. Talk to your health service if you have any questions about your Telehealth appointment.


Information for patients – User Guides

NSW Health use two main platforms to deliver Telehealth: MyVirtualCare and PEXIP. Please see below additional instructions for patients and care​rs on each of these platforms. You will find more support documents on the resource section.