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Your first consultation

​Assessment clinic – what to expect

Initial multidisciplinary assessment 

  • Once you are allocated an appointment you will receive a letter with details of your initial appointment. This will involve a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment during which you will usually be seen by a pain specialist, in addition to a psychologist or psychiatrist, and a physiotherapist. This will require your attendance at our pain centre for up to six hours.   
  • Pain often presents with complex problems and a holistic approach is required to help manage it, this is why our initial appointment explores not only the biological causes but also the social, physical, occupational and psychological impact of the pain. With this approach we can work with you to find ways to manage your pain and develop strategies to help you cope with its impact on your life.
  • Your appointments will be in the morning, after which our team will meet to discuss your case before a feedback session in the early afternoon. Please ensure you bring all relevant investigations and reports to this day, as well as any medication you require. You are encouraged to bring a support person or your partner if you would like. 

Team meeting and discussion 

  • ​After the assessments in the morning your pain clinicians will meet to discuss your case and develop an individual treatment plan for managing your pain problem.

Feedback session and planning for treatment 

  • ​Your pain specialist doctor will meet with you after the assessment clinic to discuss your case and agree on a plan. You may also meet with one of our nurses to plan your treatment.


  • ​We do offer appointments via telehealth, this is usually for follow-up appointments after your initial assessment appointment. Please discuss this ahead of time with our staff.