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Your first treatment


Your first day of treatment can be overwhelming. Patients usually find after the stress of the initial treatment is over, further treatments become easier as they get in the routine of things.

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Where do I go?

The Northern Sydney Cancer Centre (NSCC) is located on Level 1 at Royal North Shore Hospital. Take the orange lift down to Level 1 and present to the front desk to check-in. A nurse will come and get you from the waiting room and take you to the treatment area. You will be seated either in a chair in the main treatment area or in a room. 

Can someone come with me?

We are currently allowing one visitor to attend the cancer centre with a patient. This could change depending on the latest COVID-19 restrictions. All visitors will need to be screened for COVID-19 at the front entrance of the hospital. 


Parking is discounted for patients attending treatment or appointments at the NSCC. There is parking available for patients in the P1 or P2 carparks. There is plenty of disabled parking available. Please bring your parking ticket for validation at reception to receive a concession. Concession rates are only valid in the P1 and P2 multi-storey carparks. They do not apply in parking metre bays. 

Do I need to bring my own food?

Light refreshments including tea, coffee, juice, sandwiches and biscuits are provided. Please bring any other food or drinks you would like. There is a patient kitchen you can use that has a fridge and microwave.  

What else should I bring?

We encourage you to bring in any reading materials, games or electronic devices you want. You have access to free Wi-Fi and your own television. Please switch your phone to silent and use headphones, where possible, to reduce noise.    

What should I wear?​​

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and bring something warm.  

How long will treatment take?

Treatment times vary depending on what drugs you are receiving. Your treating team will let you know how long it should take. 


We have patient toilets in the day treatment unit. Your treatment (drip) will be connected to a pump on a pole that you can walk with to the toilet. It’s best to try and go to the toilet before your treatment starts. If you need help, please ask your nurse. 

Can I leave the cancer centre during my treatment?

Once your treatment has started, you cannot leave the unit and will need to remain seated (unless you need to go to the toilet or kitchen). 

Can I drive home?

After your first treatment, we recommend you are driven or escorted home. The first day of treatment can be a long day and you may not feel up to driving. You shouldn’t drive if you have had a central line inserted under sedation. 

Treatment side-effects​​

Information about common treatment sid​e-effects.

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