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Medical oncology treatment journey
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Medical oncology treatment journey​

At the Northern Sydne​y Cancer Centre we treat and care for patients with a wide range of cancers. Our team of specialist doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals work together to provide high quality care for our patients. 

We offer chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy. Treatments are aimed at killing, controlling or slowing cancer growth and are designed for each individual patient. Often patients will receive a combination of treatments, such as radiation therapy and/or surgery. Our team also treat complications associated with cancer and its treatment. 

Our department is active in cancer research and work continually to improve patient outcomes. We conduct various clinical trials to improve cancer treatment.​

  • Treatment planning

    Find out more about the treatments we provide.

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  • Your first treatment

    Common questions and advice about your first day of treatment.

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  • Treatment side-effects

    Information about common treatment side-effects.

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  • General advice and safety

    Recommendations to keep you and your family safe at home.

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  • Support services

    Help and support through your treatment journey.

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  • FAQ

    We have prepared a selection of frequently asked questions to assist you in your treatment journey.

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