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Support for your surgery

Being in hospital can be a difficult and stressful time. You may feel very anxious or have worries. This is all part of adjusting to the changes that surgery and being in hospital can bring.


Some common worries you may have :

  • Doubt about the future and the outcome that surgery may bring
  • Feeling anxious, angry, frightened, depressed or confused about your surgery
  • Worried about your family, home or work while in hospital
  • If you are a carer, concerned about who will care for your family member
  • Finding it hard to talk freely with your family or friends
  • Confused about your situation
  • Not knowing who can answer your questions

Psychology, social work, care support and counselling services are also available in the community. You may wish to speak to someone before you come into hospital. Ask your local doctor for more information. Social workers, carer support officers are available to provide free, confidential support when you are in hospital.


Counselling, Personal Support, Information and Referral

  • Support to adjust after surgery
  • Plans to manage adjusting to health conditions, anxiety and depression
  • Referral to longer-term counselling and support services
  • Information provision and referral to service providers and community agencies regarding self-care or carer support.
  • Referral and information regarding specific concerns e.g. for legal advice


Do you have help after surgery?

If you are cleared to go home, you must have someone stay with you the night after your surgery. If you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation you will need to have a responsible adult take you home and stay overnight with you. This is for your own safety as you may be lightheaded and drowsy. Your ability to do tasks may be affected. A small amount of anaesthetic may still be in your body.

You must not drive home after surgery. It is not safe. If you don't have a family member or friend able to pick you up and stay with you please tell the hospital staff. We want you to have your surgery but we also want you to be safe afterwards.


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