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Waiting for your surgery

To allow our public health resources to be allocated on the basis of need and fairness the public health system has a waiting list system for surgical procedures. 

Your surgeon decides the appropriate urgency category for your surgery procedure. The three categories are: urgent within 30 days, semi –urgent within 90 days and non-urgent within a year.

Now you have made the decision for your surgery to proceed, your surgery is booked at one of our hospitals.

At each of our hospitals the elective surgery waiting list is used to manage and ensure timely access whilst providing our patients an indication of how long they can expect to wait for their surgery.

The waiting time is the length of time from when your elective surgery booking was received at the hospital to the day your are admitted.

It is important you notify the hospital if you are unavailable while waiting due to leave, other personal reasons, feeling unwell or if you no longer wish to proceed with surgery.

At times while you are on the waiting list your condition may change and you should speak to your GP and have a review particularly if your symptoms have worsened.