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A health professional perspective​​​​

As a clinical psychologist with a special interest in children and families, the greatest barrier to effective therapy is being able to generalise skills learnt in clinic into the home and community. ​

I frequently refer to Coral Tree because it allows my families to practice strategies in a safe environment, with supports in place (e.g., staff being available to assist). I find that when families take part in the program, particularly the residential program, they are able to replicate their daily routine and practice skills required. It also allows staff to observe and help families recognise barriers and they provide solutions to overcome these barriers.

Part of the reason for referring to the Coral Tree team is the collaborative approach they use in their treatment model. It allows outside clinicians such as myself to be part of the treatment model and there is a thorough handover when families finish the program. They also tailor their approach to ensure that the child is empowered and part of the process.​

I have referred multiple families over the years, and some feedback I get from families include having the courage to follow through with strategies because they know they will have the support from staff and that they feel safe.

​I frequently recommend the Coral Tree program to other professionals because I have experienced on a number of occasions, how it makes therapy effective. It also fits in line with evidence for children and families.​​
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