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​Coral Tree Family Service is a place where children and their families come when they are in need of extra intervention. You may have found our website either as a parent or carer, looking to help your child, or you might be a clinician in the community hoping to refer to the service. The families that access a service at Coral Tree have a child, aged between three and 12 who is experiencing significant social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties that impact the child themselves as well as their families. These struggles have not shifted despite previous treatment and involvement from other professionals in the community.​


​Wanting to know more about helping your child?​

If you are a parent or carer, looking to know more about the experience of coming to Coral Tree, please ensure you visit our section for families, which may help you to gain a better sense of what it would be like for your family.


Helping your child

​Hoping to refer to Coral Tree?​​

If you are a mental health professional hoping to refer a family you are working with to Coral Tree, please look through the section for professionals, which details referral criteria, the referral process, and who to contact.  

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