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How we work
Consistent with our values regarding partnering with the important people in a child’s world, and using interventions informed by the best available evidence, Coral Tree takes an approach to assessment and intervention that is informed by a combination of: ​​

  • ​Parent management training,​
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy,
  • Family therapy (particularly structural and Milan-systemic approaches),
  • Attachment theory,
  • Narrative therapy.​​​​

While these models can have different points of emphasis, Coral Tree views them as overlapping and interconnected ways of making sense of people and therapeutic work, rather than separate, mutually exclusive explanations. Coral Tree integrates these models rather than eclectically combining them. ​


Read a health professional's experience of Coral Tree​

A well-known referrer to Coral Tree, who has engaged in the process of having families attend the service, has shared their thoughts about the experience and outcomes of being involved in the program. ​​


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Coral Tree Family Service has partnered with the NORTH Foundation, the official charity partner of the Northern Sydney Local Health District, to raise much-needed funds for our service. We are always looking for opportunities to increase the number of families that we can provide a service to, so please donate today.​​


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