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​Coral Tree offers five programs to respond to the range of needs of children and families that have not experienced the desired progress from previous or ongoing interventions. Referrals to Coral Tree's programs can only be made by a mental health professional working directly with the child and their family. 
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    The ​Family Residential Program​

    The family of the referred child attend a planned four-night intensive, residential ‘Stay’ and work with a team of clinicians to address family goals. The Stay includes a variety of therapy sessions, as well as staff partnering with parents/carers to provide “in-the-moment” support and coaching to parents/carers in practising new ways of relating during moments of everyday life. This program is available to families across NSW.​

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    The Clinical School Program

    This program offers intervention to children that are showing behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties across home and school settings. This program is offered in partnership with the co-located Arndell School for Special Purposes to facilitate change for the child and their family. It provides children with a recovery-oriented experience of themselves at school and supports adults in the education context to meet the children’s needs and manage their behaviour. The families of children referred to the Clinical School Program must first attend a Family Residential Stay. This program is available to the families of children who live within a manageable commute from Coral Tree. For more information about Arndell School, please visit arndell-s.schoo​

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    The Day Attendance Program

    The family of the referred child attends Coral Tree for a six-hour period for the purposes of systemic assessment, refocusing treatment and consultation with the referrer. It offers families and referrers an option for accessing Coral Tree, in instances where a burst of intensity could be helpful, and attending another program would either be unnecessary or not viable. This program, while available to families across NSW, is most likely to be accessed by those that live in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area (given travel requirements for a single day).

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    The "Let's Work Together" Program

    This program involves Coral Tree partnering with mental health clinicians in rural and regional areas in NSW to both share Coral Tree’s ideas and strategies, and to work together with clinicians to provide intervention to families using our approach to treatment. This program is available to NSW Health staff, with contact entirely via video conferencing over a six-month period.

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    The Case Consultation Program

    This involves members of the Coral Tree team and a referral network (including professionals from multiple services or agencies) meeting together for 90 minutes to discuss a complex case and working together to find a way forward. This program is available to NSW Health staff (as the referring professional) from across the state.


​Hoping to refer to Coral Tree?​

I​f you are a mental health professional working in the community and wanting to refer to Coral Tree, please have a look through our referral criteria and requirements, before contacting our Intake Team. ​ 

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