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Patient Information
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​Discover more information on genetics, genetic conditions and support groups plus links to other useful websites.

Centre for Genetics Education

This website provides information on understanding genetics, testing, genetic conditions, pregnancy and a genetic service finder, plus fact sheets and other useful resources.

For more information please access the website External Linkhere.

Genetic Alliance Australia

This website provides information about relevant support groups and also facilitates contact between families and individuals with similar genetic conditions.

For more information please access the website External Link ​ h​ere​.

Genetics of Learning Disability  

The NSW GOLD service is a clinical and research service providing diagnostic and carrier testing for families with fragile X or other inherited intellectual disability.

For more information, email  [email protected] or
telephone 02 4985 3100.

Gold service information is available h​ere​​ PDF icon GOLD service info brochure​​
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