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​RNSH neurofibromatosis clinic receives generous donation​​​

Royal North Shore Hospital’s neurofibromatosis (NF) clinic has celebrated major donors John and Robyn Hughes for their contribution to the clinic.

The Hughes family helped fund the NF Centre for Translational Research – which now has many research projects underway including
clinical trials.

At an event earlier this month, John, who was previously Chairman of the Children’s Tumour Foundation, received a plaque in honour of his contribution. The plaque also commemorates John’s mother Shirley and a patient of the NF clinic, Belinda Weihen who passed away due to complications of NF.

Clinical Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Clinical Genetics Dr Yemima Berman said she was incredibly grateful for
the support.​

Our clinic at RNSH is the specialised service for adult NF care in the state – with huge thanks to the Health Minister, Deb Willcox, and John for advocating and helping to make that a reality.
 RNSH Dr Yemima Berman
Yemima said NF is an incredibly difficult disease to live with and to manage.

“The NF service is working hard to try to improve the lives of people with NF through multiple avenues,” she said.

“Our clinic supports a national laser skin clinic for NF1 that is providing a service only available in a handful of places in the world –  treating disfiguring skin tumours in people with NF1.”​

“The NF ca​re achievements at RNSH are a fantastic example of the medical system, clinicians, and patients working together to
achieve true clinical impacts.”​