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Coming to see us​

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What we do

The Genetics Clinics at Royal North Shore Hospital are district-wide clinics with a team of specialist healthcare professionals. We provide diagnostic services, genetic testing and genetic counselling services.

Our service runs the following general and speciality​ clinics:

  • Diagnostic Genetics Clinic
  • Genetic Counsellor Clinic
  • Prenatal Genetics Clinic
  • Central Coast Outreach Clinic
  • Neurofibromatosis (NF) Clinic for NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis
  • NF1 skin clinic
  • NF1 breast screening clinic​
  • Joint NF paediatric/adult transition clinic​

​Any individual (adult or child) with a personal and or family history of a genetic condition or a suspected genetic condition can be considered for an appointment​ at one of the genetics clinics. A valid referral from a GP or specialist is required. Please see information on how to make an appointment and how to request a referral

​Discover if you live in our local health area

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Family Cancer​

Please note, the Northern Sydney Local Health District Familial Cancer services at Royal North Shore Hospital provide genetic counselling, cancer risk assessment, medical advice and, where appropriate, genetic testing, to individuals and their families who may be at increased risk of developing cancer because of their family history.

For details on eligibility and referral please call the genetic counsellor on 02 9463 1554​.​
Or visit this External Linkli​nk

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