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Meet our graduates


 Meet Abby

alternate text 47​Abby – GHMP Year 2 Finance Stream​

Current placement: Director of Finance and Corporate Services
What my undergrad was: Business and Accounting through the University of Technology Sydney
What I love about the program: I love working with different executives on interesting finance related projects that actually impact positive change within the organisation. Also, I love how supportive everyone is, it is a really positive culture where people want you to grow and succeed. I made the right choice choosing this program.
What a day in the life is like for me: I usually work from home on a Friday and come into the office four days a week. Every day is different which I really I attend high-level meetings where I am encouraged to participate and currently I am working on three different projects in partnership with senior leaders and clinicians
What I love doing outside of work: I love traveling and I am taking 6 weeks off in June/July to travel to Europe with friends.

 Meet Peter

alternate text 47Peter – GHMP Year 2 General Stream

Current placement: Director of Clinical Governance and Patient Experience
What my undergrad was: Statistics and Economics at the University of New South Wales
What I love about the program: It’s fantastic to be able to work in a variety of areas of the health system and gain a range of perspectives on the challenges that need solving both day-to-day and over the long term. The people we work alongside are also incredibly supportive and invested in developing our skills and understanding – it’s never an issue to ask questions which makes working here really fulfilling.
What a day in the life is like for me: Each placement in the program is very different in the types of experiences we get and the problems we’re working to address. Some days will involve shadowing senior executives to experience and learn how they manage complex portfolios and situations, and others will involve me working more independently on larger initiatives that benefit the operation of the district. There’s great variety in what we get to do, which makes the program really meaningful.
What I love doing outside of work: I compete in fighting game tournaments (Street Fighter, Smash Bros. and some others), so I practice and travel for those pretty regularly.

 Meet Kim

alternate text 47Kim – GHMP Year 2 General Stream


Current placement: Executive Director of Operations for NSLHD
What my undergrad was: Health
What I love about the program: Everyone is so supportive and friendly. Each of the placements have been so different and I have learnt so much from some of the best minds in NSW Health. Also I love that I feel like I am making a positive impact on the health and lives of our patients and the wider community.
What a day in the life is like for me: It all depends on the placement I am working on but usually I start work at 08:00 am and finish at 16:30pm. I usually meet with various staff working across the NSLHD Operations portfolio to ascertain the priorities for the day whilst also working on high-level projects.
What I love doing outside of work: I love socialising, dinners out and traveling. I will be traveling to the UK and Greece in July this year.

 Meet James

jamesJames – GHMP Year 1 General Stream​

Current placement: NSLHD Chief Executive Officer

What my undergrad was: Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
What I love about the program: For me, the greatest aspect of this program are the opportunities to interact with and learn from a wide array of health professionals through each of the placements. I have learnt so much through this, not just about the health system, but also professional life and the world in general.
What a day in the life is like for me: It varies day-to-day and placement-to-placement. At Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital I was involved in daily operational meetings, providing administrative support to the GM, and working in quality improvement and staff wellbeing initiatives. Now at the District office I am involved in high-level, strategic projects which will guide the direction of the Organisation over the medium-to-long-term. This involves interacting with senior executives and the Board, as well as colleagues from the Ministry of Health, external partners and of course many clinicians and researchers.
What I love doing outside of work: I like to spend my free time reading and trying out different creative or active hobbies with my friends. On the weekends I’m either exploring the small bar and live music offerings of the city or getting out to explore our many National Parks.​

 Meet Sasha

sashaSasha – GHMP Year 1 General Stream​

Current placement: Director of Mental Health Drug and Alcohol
What my undergrad was: Psychology (Honours)
What I love about the program: I love the amount of exposure I am getting to so many different areas and aspects of health services that you would never see otherwise this early in a career in health. It really helps you understand the bigger picture and where you might want to fit in to that.
What a day in the life is like for me: I typically come in and have a brief check-in with the teams or people I am working with. Then I’ll typically go between attending meetings with my placement supervisor at all levels of the organisation, and being at my desk working on my current projects which can be on anything from operational service planning to quality improvement.
What I love doing outside of work: Between work and a Master’s program I like to switch off so love having downtime in the company of my friends, family and cat, or planning my next holiday.
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