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Our graduates


 Meet Abby

  • Abby - GHMP Year 1 Finance Stream

    "The NSLHD Graduate Health Management Program has provided me with an experience like no other. Not only do you get an opportunity to work with some of the most influential and inspiring executives, but you are also supported in developing your skillset by engaging in projects with a variety of senior health leaders. NSLHD has such an encouraging and welcoming culture, this makes me enjoy coming to work every day. The impact you have on individuals is seen first-hand, creating long-lasting positive change across the organisation. "

 Meet Peter

  • Peter - GHMP Year 1 General Stream

    "The GHMP Program provides such a unique experience to work directly with senior leaders in the NSW Health System. As someone not coming from a health background, the program gives a really clear and interesting look into how one of the most complex public health system operates. This program provides a fantastic opportunity to learn how to make the best contribution you can. If you’re interested in helping others and managing intricate health systems, this program is for you."

 Meet Kimberly

  • Kimberly - GHMP Year 1 General Stream

    "The NSLHD Graduate Health Management Program is such an invaluable opportunity to start making a difference in the public health sector. This program has exposed me to a range of health portfolios, including working alongside the Chief Executive Officer. So far this program has allowed me to really understand the operational and strategic process involved in healthcare. This program is a great pathway into a rewarding career in health service management as I am learning from and working with some of the best minds in NSW Health."

 Meet Anna

  • Anna - GHMP Year 2 General Stream

    ​​"The Graduate Health Management Program provides a unique opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by a high-performing team of influential senior health leaders across multiple areas of the organisation. The program offers an exciting opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the health system, management skills and coaching for a rewarding career in Health Management."

 Meet Chrystjan

  • Chrystjan - GHMP Year 2 Finance Stream

    "The program is a unique and rewarding opportunity, where you work directly with experienced health care leaders, mentors and coaches, receiving a wide range of exposure to the health care industry, and become part of the patient journey where you may make a difference with innovation and improvement."

 Meet Nina

  • Nina - GHMP Year 2 General Stream

    "The Graduate Health Management Program is providing me with exposure to the executive level of an organisation so early in my career, and is an opportunity that I would never have thought I would be exposed to straight from university. I am building confidence and leadership skills at such a fast rate, and the knowledge I am gaining from influential leaders in the industry is something I will be able to build on for many years to come. The program has provided me with the opportunity to utilise my clinical health degree to apply skills and knowledge in a way that I was not exposed to at university. I am pursuing my passion of helping people in a different way, and it seems that at this stage the opportunities are endless."

 Meet Jess

  • "The Graduate Health Management Program provided me with invaluable opportunities to work alongside highly experienced leaders across NSLHD. While the master’s education provided a strong theoretical foundation, the practical experience offered me exposure to real-world health system challenges at a range of operational and strategic levels. Since completing the program, I’ve progressed my career at NSLHD in a health service management role, and have continued to build my professional network along the way. The program is incredibly enriching and rewarding – the skills, knowledge and experiences it affords really are second to none!"

 Meet Sam

  • "Undertaking the Graduate Health Management Program at NSLHD has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities that I simply never knew existed. As someone who always had an interest in the Healthcare industry but was never quite sure exactly where I would fit in, this program allowed me to blend the business and health subjects that I enjoyed most during my undergraduate degree and apply them every day at work. If you are a critical thinker, have a love for constant learning and a passion for making a difference to the health of your community, then this program is for you."