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Health topics

Children are born ready to learn and love to explore their world. As they grow and develop they become more curious about their surroundings and the special people in their lives. The health topics below provide evidence based information and links on issues such as children’s development, play and connecting, breastfeeding, immunisations, health, safety and caring for first teeth, as well as grownups stress, anxiety and depression.​

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New parents​​​​​

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    Before and after birth parents may experience range of feelings from happiness and excitement to stress and worry.

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Early childhood​​​​​

  • Father caring for his baby

    You know your baby/child best, if you think your baby is unwell, take them to see your local doctor (GP), phone an after hours GP to come to your home, or go to your local hospital Emergency Department.

  • Screen Time

    Today's society is different to when you were growing up and it can be challenging to manage the balance of your child's screen time. This is because children have screen time at school and when doing homework.

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Child safety​​​​