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Mini Moves
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Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time. ​

Mini Moves Activity Pack

Using bright colours, a few cute ‘monsters’ and their friends, the Mini Moves Activity Pack has been designed to assist Early Childhood Educators in teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) to children (aged 2 – 5 years) in a fun and engaging way.

FMS are the building blocks for children's enjoyment and success in physical activity from childhood through to adulthood.

The Mini Moves resource includes 36 activity cards designed for easy use by educators with no experience teaching FMS.

Our School Readiness Resources will assist services implement the program and promote FMS at their Services.

For Northern Sydney Munch & Moves services, check out our Workshops information for Mini Moves linked local workshops (and see the video to see what happens at the workshops).



The Mini Moves Activity Pack comes with:

  • 1 Display Poster
  • 12 FMS Skill Cards (to explain each skill)
  • 36 FMS Skill Activity Cards
  • 5 Warm-Up Cards
  • 5 Cool-Down Cards

Display Poster

The Mini Moves display poster has been designed to be placed in a prominent position in the preschool room where it can be seen by educators, children and parents.

The poster promotes all 12 FMS that children 3-5 years should be exposed to and start to develop while in childcare.

The activity cards can be placed on or near the wall poster to promote the activities chosen each week.

It is recommended to print the poster in A3 or A1 if using a printing service.


Mini Moves Warm-Up Activity Cards

The activities on the Mini Moves Warm-Up Activity Cards help children get their muscles ready to participate in the fun Mini Moves activities:


​Mini Moves FMS Activity Cards

Under each FMS heading below you will find:

  • One skill card describing the correct technique and how to demonstrate/teach the skill
  • Three double sided activity cards based on the skill.

All activity cards include:

  • Steps describing the activity
  • A diagram of what the activity looks like set up
  • Equipment (if any is needed)
  • Where the activity should be played (indoors/outdoors)
  • Tips to make the activity easier or harder

It is recommended the cards are printed double sided on A4 or printed four cards to a page (with page in landscape).

We recommend choosing two skills to focus on each week!

Download the Complete set:


The original printed size of Activity Cards is A6 - perfect for slotting them onto the printed wall poster, and easy access and storage.

​Mini Moves Cool-Down Activity Cards

The activities on the Mini Moves Cool-Down Activity Cards help children relax their muscles and cool-down after participating in the fun Mini Moves activities.


Mini Moves School Readiness Resources

Mini Mover Template

Mini Mover Template

Reward your little Mini Movers when they participate in, improve or master one of the Fundamental Movement Skills, with Mini Mover awards. A great tool to provide feedback to parents - and kids can colour them in too:

FMS Completion Certificate


A certificate with space for a sticker for each of the 12 fundamental movement skills. Once children have developed the skill or made efforts and shown improvement in a particular FMS, a sticker can be placed in the corresponding position (provided to Northern Sydney Munch and Move Services). Repeat for each FMS until all 12 spots are filled.

FMS Observation Tool


This tool can assist educators to observe and ensure children are completing all aspects of the FMS, helping them to guide the children in development of these fundamental movement skills.

Check out the Mini Moves Activity Pack.


All Northern Sydney Early Childhood Education Services participating in Munch & Move received one of the Mini Moves FMS Activity Packs.

If your service did not receive a copy, contact one of our team.