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Health Promotion
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​​​​Health Promotion creates conditions for the whole population to remain healthy and out of hospital. To discover more about Health Promotion view 'About Health Promotion' and our Northern Sydney Population Health Improvement Plan for more on our programs and projects.

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  • Munch & Move logo

    Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative, supported by Health Promotion, that supports the healthy development of children from birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating, water as a drink, breastfeeding and reduced small screen time.

  • Live Life Well @ School logo

    Live Life Well @ School is a primary school based initiative by NSW Health and school sectors in NSW. Supported by Health Promotion, the program aims to get more students, more active, more often; as well as focussing on healthy eating habits.

  • Go 4 Fun. Healthy Active happy kids

    Go4Fun is a free program for NSW children aged 7 to 13 who are above a healthy weight, and their families. The program supports children to become fitter, healthier and happier.

  • Childbirth & Early Parenting Education

    Health Promotion offers prenatal and postnatal education courses for expectant parents. Courses cover preparation for birth, parenting and exercise programs.

  • Healthy Lifestyle. Get Fit. Feel Fit. Have fun

    Get fit, feel great and have fun at one of our Healthy Lifestyle physical activity courses for older adults. Choose from gentle exercise, falls prevention, Yoga, Tai Chi and much more.

  • Stepping On

    Stepping On is an exciting, friendly and free falls prevention program for seniors. It’s designed to build knowledge, strength and confidence to remain independent at home.

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Program Areas​​​​

  • Small girl cycling with parents in background

    Our HEAL projects focus on physical activity, healthy eating to achieve healthy living, healthy and active environments, and healthy ageing.