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​About Us

Northern Sydney Youth Health Promotion aims to amplify the voice and action of local young people to enhance NSLHD services and initiatives that support the health and wellbeing of adolescents and young adults. The team focuses on addressing youth health priority areas relating to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, physical activity, healthy relationships, as well as emotional, social and mental wellbeing.​

Integral to this program is our team of 12 diverse Youth Consultants, aged 15-24, who NSLHD Population Health Promotion employs, trains and empowers to share their unique perspective and expertise as local young people.​​

Youth Health Consultants use their unique perspective, local knowledge and creative skills to improve young people’s engagement with health and wellness. The Youth Health Consultants provide a voice for young people that promotes and supports the meaningful involvement of young people in the design and delivery of health promotion initiatives and youth friendly health services.


Youth Week NSW 2020

Between 1st and 9th April our team is doing a #TwitterTakover of to feature information about our team and health issues for young people. Some of the information/resources we posted are located below or elsewhere on this page.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship  


Youth Friendly Consultations

There are a range of barriers that can keep some young people from seeking help, advice or information when needed. To minimise these, our team of trained Youth Health Consultants can:

  • Conduct a youth friendly consultation of your service. Includes a written report with recommendations.
  • Provide feedback on youth targeted initiatives or resources (e.g. information, flyers, websites).
  • Suggest ideas to improve your service's ability to reach, attract, engage and retain young people.

For more information or to book a consultation click here!

Example of some feedback given after consultation:

YFC report snapshot  


Rethink Energy Drinks

Preliminary findings from a study of 3,688 Western Australian teens found that more than half of those who had ever consumed an energy drink reported experiencing at least 1 adverse event, including stomach upset, heart palpitation, difficulty sleeping/insomnia, headache and agitation.

Of 59 students we surveyed at a local Northern Sydney high school, two-thirds said they consumed energy drinks. NSYHP will pilot a student-led project to reduce energy drink consumption by young people under 18.

Rethink Energy Drinks Poster  

Social Smokers are Smokers

Our Youth Health Consultants identified social smoking as an issue amongst their peers. To address this, NSYHP will adapt or design a social marketing campaign to target young people who see themselves as ‘social smokers’.

YFC report snapshot  


Guide to E-cigarettes and vaping

Our Youth Health Promotion team has developed a simple guide to understanding key issues to do with e-cigarettes and vaping for young people and their parents. Download the guide to find answers to; what is an e-cigarette?, what do they look like?, what's in a vape?, what should you know?


Healthy Youth Settings

NSYHP will partner with local youth organisations such as youth centres, schools and tertiary campuses to create environments that support and promote youth health.



NSYHP delivers the Yhunger program which aims to improve food access and physical activity options for young people, 12-24 years of age, who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness.

A new YHunger website is coming soon. It will have further information on the program, including cookbooks.


Youth Health & Wellness e-Network

NSYHP distributes a monthly email that compiles training opportunities, resources and articles relevant for those supporting youth health and wellbeing in Northern Sydney.

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