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Health Promotion's Urban Planning 4 Health (UP4Health) project aims to increase physical activity, healthy eating and social interaction by advocating for the planning, design, development and management of healthy urban (built) environments.


Have a look at our latest submissions on local and state documents and plans:

[Interested in submissions related to liquor licences? Check out our Reducing Access to Alcohol page]

Date Our Latest Submissions Documents
0​3/06/2020 Plan

City of Ryde Draft Resilience Plan 

25/05/2020 Planning

Military Road Corridor Planning Study – Draft Future Directions Report 

​01/04/2020 Plan

NSLHD Submission: Northern Beaches Draft Bike Plan 

​​04/03/2020 Strategy

​NSLHD Submission: Willoughby Council Draft Integrated Transport Strategy 

​​​8/11/19 Plan Statement

Northern Beaches Council Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement 

22/10/19 Plan Statement

NSLHD Submission: Hunter's Hill Council Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement 

​15/10/19 Plan Statement
​14/10/19 Plan Statement

NSLHD Submission: Lane Cove Council Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement 

​30/09/19 Planning Statement

​NSLHD Submission: Willoughby City Council Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement 

​​12/08/19 Planning Statement

NSLHD Submission: Ku-ring-gai Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement S12396 

09/09/19 Planning Statement

NSLHD Submission: City of Ryde Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement 

​23/07/19 Master Plan
​24/06/19 Study
​​24/06/19 Redevelopment
​25/05/19 Plan
17/05/19 Master Plan
09/05/19 Planning Statement
​09/05/19 Plan

The Evidence

Up4Health is underpinned by a growing body of evidence which shows a strong relationship between the built environment and people's health.

The UNSW Healthy Built Environments Program (HBEP) Literature Review identifies three key built environment domains that support human health.

The built environment can:

  1. Support physical activity

  2. Connect and strengthen communities

  3. Provide equitable access to healthy food.

The project team review key planning and development policies and proposals and submit comments and recommendations. These submissions aim to increase the adoption of healthy planning principles and thus help create environments supportive of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Further Resources


Healthy Built Environment Checklist

The NSW Ministry of Health's Healthy Built Environment Checklist is a practical tool to support the capacity of health professionals and others provide informed, health-focused advice on development policies, plans and proposals.

The focus is on promoting healthy planning as a core component of good design and amenity of the built environment to achieve well-connected and liveable communities.

Healthy Urban Development Checklist

Urban Design for Regional NSW

A guide for creating healthy built environments in regional NSW

The Urban Design Guide for Regional NSW has been prepared specifically for regional NSW and provides guidance for creating healthy built environments.

Urban Design for Regional NSW