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You just don’t smoke around hospitals
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Health Promotion has developed a number of resources to support the NSW Health Smoke Free Workplace Policy on hospital campuses across Northern Sydney Local Health District.​

​The resources complement existing hospital 'No Smoking' signage by using the phrase, "You Just Don't Smoke Around Hospitals... No Smoking Anywhere, Anytime". They also refer patients and staff to the availability of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and to the NSW Quitline.

The NSLHD introduced the Smoke-Free by-law in March 2015. Under the by-law, Penalty Infringement Notices (PINS) of $300 can be issued by authorised Security staff (and other authorised personnel) to individuals observed to be smoking while on NSLHD grounds. These resources now warn that 'penalties may apply'.

Hospital departments are encouraged to display the resources around their areas for maximum impact.

Let's Clear the Air @ NSLHD

Health Promotion is working with Royal North Shore Hospital and Ryde Hospital to identify areas on campus were people maybe smoking. Once areas where people are identified action is put in place to address the issue.

If you have seen someone you think has been smoking on campus recently let us know about it by reporting it at: Let's Clear the Air @ NSLHD.

Alternatively, click on the appropriate hospital banner below to go directly to report the incident at that campus:​

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​Business Cards


Table Top Talker

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Other Resources



Post-it Notes and pens have also been used to promote​ the messages.

Our Youth Health Promotion team has adapted the 'You Just Don't Smoke' concept to produce the 'You just DON'T smoke around your mates' sign.

The team displays the signs at local youth events they attend to help promote a smoke free environment.

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