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NBHS redevelopment project



​A new network of healthcare for the Northern Beaches

The healthcare needs of the Northern Beaches community have changed significantly since Manly and Mona Vale hospitals first opened many decades ago. A major investment in new infrastructure was required to ensure the local community had access to high quality healthcare into the future.


Northern Beaches Hospital

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Northern Beaches Hospital is providing the local community with increased health services and more complex care delivered to contemporary standards, with modern infrastructure that supports innovation, research, teaching and clinical changes well into the future. 

The community has the best healthcare on their doorstep with the Northern Beaches Hospital, Mona Vale Hospital and $100 million investment in the construction of the three new community health centres in Mona Vale, Seaforth and Brookvale.

Following many years of consultation with experts and the community, the site at Frenchs Forest for the Northern Beaches Hospital was confirmed as the best option for people in the Northern Beaches community.

Mona Vale Hospital plays a significant role in providing health care services to the community. The hospital's focus has shifted to sub-acute, community health, urgent care and palliative care services in order to complement the acute care to be delivered at the new Northern Beaches Hospital.

The new Northern Beaches Hospital has 488 beds - nearly 200 beds more than previously provided by Manly and Mona Vale hospitals. This represents a significant increase and these beds are being accessed in exactly the same way by the local community.

Services at Northern Beaches Hospital are greatly enhanced and when compared to those previously provided at both Manly and Mona Vale hospitals represent:

  • 50 emergency bays compared to 30 bays previously

  • 14 operating theatres compared to 5 previously

  • 20 intensive care beds compared to 13 previously

  • 40 maternity beds compared to 31 previously

The new hospital is operated by Healthscope and they are providing health services for all public patients who present to the hospital, without limiting the number of beds that can be used.


It's about meeting the needs of our community

alternate text 47The contract between the Government and Healthscope ensures the new hospital will be required to meet a range of performance requirements. This includes managing waiting lists for elective surgery and strict triage times in the emergency department.

Under a long term contract with Healthscope, services are purchased for all public patients, allowing the operator to provide services to patients in the same way as a public hospital would, regardless of whether or people have private health insurance.

Public patients are able to use the new hospital, including the emergency department, in the same way they previously used Manly and Mona Vale hospitals or any other public hospital.

For more information about the new Northern Beaches Hospital visit:​​​​​