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Are you a carer in need of support?


Caring is rewarding but it can also place many demands on you – physical, emotional and financial. Looking after your own health and wellbeing is important. We provide information, guidance and support to help in your caring role, information that is both practical and local so you feel confident about finding the right services for your needs.

  • Over 65s

    Caring for someone over the age of 65 can be complex. We provide information, guidance and support to help.

  • Mental Health Carers

    Mental health information, guidance and support to help you in your caring role.

  • Disability

    Physical, intellectual and sensory. Practical and emotional support for carers including key services and links to help you manage care, services and funding.

  • Chronic Disease

    Information, supports and services for carers of people with chronic illness

  • Palliative Care

    Information and resources for carers on end of life and palliative care

  • Dementia

    Practical information and resources to support to carers of people living with dementia

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  • Young Carers

    Information, guidance and support for carers under the age of 25 providing unpaid support for a family member or friend.

  • Diverse Carers

    Information and support for LGBTI and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) carers.

  • CALD Carers

    Information for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups including interpreter services and translated resources

  • Support Groups

    Support groups offer carers and family members the opportunity to meet and talk with others in similar situations. They are particularly useful during these challenging times, where carers may be feeling the additional stress and strain of social isolation.

  • Get Involved

    Get involved in making our health service a better place through feedback, consumer participation volunteering and Carers' Week

  • Programs & Education

    From basic carer skills programs, tips and insights to more specific courses that give you a better understanding of the condition of the person you care for.

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  • Legal Help

    Important information for carers including Power of Attorney, enduring guardianship, making a will and advance care directives.

  • Coming into Hospital

    Contact details, public transport information, campus maps and information on all NSLHD hospitals.

  • Financial Help

    Caring can be costly. We have links and information on carer payments and other financial support that may help.

  • A wide range of information, tips and resources to help you take care of yourself (it's more important than you think).

  • Contact Us

    Use one of these options to get in contact with us. We can talk through what you need and help you find local supports and services.

  • Carer Resources

    A wide range of publications, multimedia and brochures to help you in your caring role.

The Carer Recognition Act defines a carer as a partner, parent, relative or friend who provides personal care, support and assistance to another individual in need of support due to disability, medical condition, including terminal or chronic illness, mental illness or is frail and aged.

Our service and commitment to carers is guided by thePDF iconNSLHD Carer Strategy and NSW C​arer Re​cognition Act