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Carer support groups
Support groups offer carers and family members the opportunity to meet and talk with others in similar situations. They are supportive, safe places where you can tell your story, share advice and make suggestions. They are particularly useful during these challenging times, where carers may be feeling the additional stress and strain of social isolation.

Northern Sydney carer support groups


Our latest support groups​ list is available PDF icon he​r​e and includes a variety of groups such as:

  • Dementia carers
  • Male carers
  • Multicultural carers
  • Disability carers
  • Mental health carers
  • General carers
  • Creative carers 
  • Online carers

Other support groups


Support groups can be general or aimed at particular illnesses or disabilities, such as brain injuries, dementia, cancer or autism. There are also groups for different genders, ages, languages, and cultural backgrounds such as young carers, male carers or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers.

It helps to make sure the fit between yourself and your support group is good. For example if you are caring for someone with dementia, attending a dementia-based support group would be more helpful than a general support group. Here you would connect with other carers who understand the complexities and challenges of dementia, as well as accessing dementia-specific information and advice.  

We have a variety of trusted places you can contact to find the support group that best suits your needs. Please visit our Carer Wellbeing pageExternal Link for more information and if nothing suits, please feel free to call us on 9462 9488 for help.



Counselling provides a wonderful opportunity for you to share some of your more personal concerns, worries and fears with a trained counsellor. Having the ability to talk with a person who is objective, can help you process issues, as well as look at ways to build resilience and make some healthy adjustments to your life. Counselling can be in-person or over the phone; one-on-one or in a group.

We have a variety of Carer Wellbeing page External Linkwhere you can find professional counselling and support services. As with support groups, it is important to find a counsellor that fits your need and one that you can build rapport with.  

If you have trouble locating a suitable counsellor, please feel free to call us on 9462 9488​ for help.

Call Carer Support on 9462 9488