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Carer programs and education

alternate text 48Carer education programs provide you with the information, insights and practical tips you need to help in your caring role.

From basic courses that give you important skills, support and information to more specific courses that give you a better understanding of the condition of the person you care for.

You may want to visit sites specific to the condition of the person you care for as these sites often have very targeted programs and education that can help.

For information on our local NSLHD carer support programs and events, please check out the events calendar on our Facebook page, or call us on 9462 9488

Below are other programs and education for you to explore.

Carer Gateway


Self-guided coaching

The carer coaching service looks at the impact of caring role on your life. Designed in partnership with you, each coaching session will get you thinking about how you are getting along, how you'd like things to be and how you might be able to take steps towards making that happen. Each session includes evidence supported information, practical tips, resources, reflection activities and stories from other carers. Explore Self-guided coaching.External Link

Skills courses

The carer skills courses provide basic information, insights and practical tips to help carers develop a new understanding and skills important in their caring role.  Each free online self-paced learning modules takes approximately 20–40 minutes to complete and you can download your responses to questions in the module to use as a resource and reminder.  Explore the coursesExternal Link

Online coaching

Being a carer can be challenging, rewarding, frustrating, confusing and overwhelming – sometimes all in the one day. These online carer coaching sessions are a guided exploration of the ups and downs of a carer's life and help you move towards more of the ups and less of the downs.

The online coaching sessions can be accessed anywhere, anytime via your home computer, mobile or tablet. Each coaching session has been designed as an independent session. This means that you can pick and choose which sessions you do and when you do them; there's no need to complete all eight and no order in which they need to be worked through.

There are eight coaching sessions available. Find out moreExternal Link

Carers NSWExternal Link has a range of eLearning modules to support carers and service providers with information, knowledge and skills to help them in their caring role. If you need help or more information on accessing the online education website, please email [email protected] 

Black Dog Institute External Link – have a range of on-line training modules, webinars and other resources including:

Webinars developed for the general public and health professionals to help them engage in the latest mental health research. 

Podcasts developed and produced by the Black Dog Institute to provide varied insights into mental health experiences and current affairs.External Link

e-Mental Health in Practice - Online training modules, webinars and e-resources designed for health professionals to upskill and engage with new programs and tools.External Link

Beyond Blue External Link - provides a range of online information and supports to help everyone achieve their best possible mental health. Programs include NewAccess – a free program developed by Beyond Blue to support anyone feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

3DN provides FREE eLearning about intellectual disability to professionals, carers and consumers.

Resources hereExternal Link will improve your knowledge, skills and confidence, leading to better mental health and wellbeing for people with an intellectual disability.

3DN is part of the UNSW Medicine School of Psychiatry. Their vision is to attain the highest standard of mental health and wellbeing for people with an intellectual or developmental disability. Please visit their website External Linkfor more items of interest. 

NSLHD Carer Support Service


Many carers put their own health and wellbeing low on their list of priorities, often too busy or tired from their caring role to get started. Our Carer Wellbeing pageExternal Link has lots of tips and easy-to-read information on how to get this balance right. 

For information on other local NSLHD carer support programs and events, please check out the events calendar on our Facebook External Link page or call us ​9462 9488

Key links (As above)

Carer GatewayExternal Link

Black Dog InstituteExternal Link

Beyond BlueExternal Link

UNSW External Link

Call carer support 

If you live in the Northern Sydney region and would like more advice about your caring situation, please call us on 9462 9488